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Cindy Seamans, PhD., is a Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor with more than 20 years of experience helping families, couples and individuals. Dr. Seamans works collaboratively with clients in focused, results-oriented therapy to foster healing and happiness. Dr. Seamans has a PhD. In Counseling Psychology from Texas Woman’s University and post-graduate training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Dr. Seamans is Certified in EMDR. In addition to having extensive experience working with the severely mentally ill and substance abusers, Dr. Seamans helps individuals and families navigate the normal but troubling bumps and problems of life transitions, crises and losses.


Therapies Offered


Dr. Seamans specializes in working with those who are survivors of violence and trauma

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Teens acting out or acting up? Mother-in-law calling the shots? You and your husband can’t agree

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Early marriage adjustment issues, infidelity, extended family conflict, chore wars, control issues

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View from the Couch

Couples and Conflict

Most of us would rather stick needles in our eyes than go to couples counseling. This can be true despite devastating conflict eating away at our most precious relationships. Why are we so afraid of the shared couch experience?

 Well, maybe we’re afraid that our therapist will side with our partner and find something wrong with us, maybe even ask us to change. Maybe we’re even more afraid that in the light of an outsider’s spotlight, we might realize that there is something wrong with our cherished partner or something so irreparably wrong with our relationship that we may be confronted with a decision we are not ready to make—to leave or to live in Loserville.

 We are not entirely wrong to have these fears (after all, we’re not stupid). In couples counseling we probably will be asked to make changes. Changes that will reduce conflict and restore love and trust and fun and all those things we wanted when we got into this relationship in the first place. Change can be difficult, but living in a conflict-ridden relationship is a soul-sapping experience that we don’t deserve and we don’t have to endure.

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Why Choose a Psychologist as your Therapist?

And what exactly is a Psychologist, anyway? Psychologists are social scientists trained to study human behavior and mental processes. We use research-based interventions and strategies with proven results and effectiveness to help our clients. Psychologists often have experience working in hospitals and are comfortable working with psychiatrists who are the medical doctors that prescribe mental health medications. I became a psychologist because I wanted to know more, to be a better, more complete therapist to reduce suffering and help people get better. Regardless of degree or training, nothing is more important to successful therapy than your relationship with your therapist. My goal is to provide a nurturing, safe and empathetic therapeutic space so you can trust me to help and empower your family.